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Awesome, but...

I thought the video was really funny and the fbf was cool too, but the character themselves were kinda cheaply made. I also think the reason that this video isn't getting very good reviews is because it's missing a background and sound. You could just put a background layer underneath the animation and you could look for someone to voice act for you in the audio portal or on the flash forums. Using speech bubbles makes it look kinda cheap as well. Other than that, great animation!


This is awesome! What Program did u use 2 make it?

cobra0528 responds:

Flash 8

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I took an IQ test before this and got a similar score, but my problem with IQ tests is that they shouldn't be timed because everyone reads at different speeds, so regardless of how quickly someone can think of an answer, it doesn't matter if they read slowly like me. Overall, a good IQ test (and based off of logic and creative thinking rather than general knowledge that doesn't apply in the real world), just one thing- the word organization is spelled wrong on the IQ charts page which would be fine for any game but one that tests how smart you are lol

DemiseAnimation responds:

That is the highest score ive seen.

By the way organisation is spelt with a z in the american dictionary, but im british so that is actually spelt correctly :P.

Thanks for the review mate :)

Great game, but...

nothing is more annoying than a game in which the controls sometimes stick! Good game though, but the control flaw is an annoyance of mine, so 6/10, 3/5.

I can't take it anymore!!!!

This game has tons of problems man!! The controls stick a lot, the game is way to hard, the controls are sloppy, the graphics are bad even for 8-bit, and the obstacles are extremely repetitive. The only good thing that this game has going for it is the good concept of a pig flying, but even then you should throw in a free flying mode or at least have him flying in the sky, not underground! In the end, the game isn't fun, it's just purely annoying and irritating.

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It's the Wah-wah.

The reason it's a little off is the wah-wah on the guiter panning the sound from left to right. Also, it's not much of a remix. Sorry, but there have been many rock submissions of this song and this is sub-par. Good reditioning, though.

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